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DornyJunior's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 566 (From 98 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 9,010 Points


20 Stars Unlocked 1/1/14
5 Points
Collect 20 stars in a single flight.
High Flyer 5 Points Reach an altitude of 15m.
Hourglass 5 Points Be flying for 1 minute.
Lift Off 5 Points Travel 200m in a single flight.
All Star 10 Points Collect all the available types of stars in a single flight.
Bird Hunter 10 Points Reach 5x Crane bonus.
Close Call 10 Points Escape from a stall at less than 3m altitude.
Easy Gliding 10 Points Travel 300m without using any fuel during your flight.
Flying Low 10 Points Travel for 300m without exceeding 3m altitude.
Long Haul 10 Points Travel 1000m in a single flight.
Profit 10 Points Collect $500 in a single flight.
Second Wind 10 Points Get boosted by 3 windmills in a single flight.
Swan Dive 10 Points Fly straight downwards at terminal velocity.
Big Money 25 Points Collect $3000 in a single flight.
Daredevil 25 Points Successfully escape from stalling three times in a single flight.
Efficiency 25 Points Clear Japan in 30 days or under.
Galaxy 25 Points Collect 100 stars in a single flight.
Icarus 25 Points Collect 30 space stars in a single flight.
Supersonic 25 Points Reach a velocity of 25m/s.
The Prophecy 25 Points Clear Egypt in 21 days or under.
What Happen? 25 Points Bounce along for another 100m after making contact with the ground.
Borbonne-Le-Bonne 50 Points Clear France in 15 days or under.
Royal Mail 50 Points Clear England in 8 days or under.

Medals Earned: 1/23 (5/410 points)

Anita's Camp

Game Completed Unlocked 4/30/16
10 Points
Complete the game
Kill Chef 5 Points KIll the chef

Medals Earned: 1/2 (10/15 points)

Apollina┬┤s Spell - Greek antique parody

Feus Unlocked 6/24/16
10 Points
Fertilizes Apolina
Cyclops Unlocked 6/24/16
25 Points
Defeat the Cyclps
Apollo 10 Points Paint the Apollo sculpture
Atlas 10 Points Paint the Atlas sculpture
Basilisk 10 Points Defeat the Basilisks
Centaur 10 Points Defeat the Centaurs
Cerberus 10 Points Defeat the Cerberus
Charon 10 Points Cross the Hades river on Charon┬┤s ferry
Discobolus 10 Points Paint the Discobolus sculpture
Eros 10 Points Paint the Eros sculpture
Medusa 10 Points Defeat a Medusa
Poseidon 10 Points Paint the Poseidon sculpture
Riddles of the Sphinx 10 Points Answer the riddles of the Sphinx
Spinario 10 Points Paint the Spinario sculpture
The Fates 10 Points Meet the Fates
Venus 10 Points Paint the Venus sculpture
Amphisbaena 25 Points Defeat the Amphisbaena
Golden Olives 25 Points Win the race against the Sphinx
Harp of Taurinus 25 Points Play the Harp of Taurinus
Harpies 25 Points Defeat 2 Harpies
Minortaurus 25 Points Defeat the Minortaurus
Minotaur 25 Points Defeat the Minotaur
Not the right time 25 Points Find the secret place
Pegasus 25 Points Find the Pegasus
Greek antique Pac Man 50 Points Be the master of the maze
Porfeo 50 Points Win the Game

Medals Earned: 2/26 (35/475 points)

Back to Cool

Everything, by Everyone Unlocked 9/4/12
5 Points
Click the link to the coolest site on the Web.
Cool Combo Unlocked 9/4/12
10 Points
Score a combo of 3 or more.
Beat the Clock Unlocked 9/4/12
50 Points
Complete a level with less than 5 seconds left.
Playing It Safe Unlocked 9/4/12
50 Points
Complete a level without flying in front of any teachers.
Easter Egg 10 Points Find the hidden egg.

Medals Earned: 4/5 (115/125 points)

Binding of Isaac DEMO

Basement Unlocked 5/22/15
10 Points
kill the first boss
Cave Unlocked 5/23/15
50 Points
Kill the second boss
Master of Sins 25 Points find and kill a miniboss
Money well spent 25 Points buy somethign in the shop
Secret room 50 Points find it

Medals Earned: 2/5 (60/160 points)

Bobby Da Arrow

Gob Crusher Unlocked 5/10/16
5 Points
K.O a goblin by crushing it!
Hay Burn Unlocked 5/10/16
5 Points
Burn a bale of hay
Arrow Of Time Unlocked 5/10/16
10 Points
Unlock all arrow types
Bobby To The Rescue Unlocked 5/10/16
10 Points
Rescue your first civilian
Gob Stopper Unlocked 5/10/16
10 Points
K.O your first goblin in battle!
Rising Star Unlocked 5/10/16
10 Points
Earn 30 stars
A Touch Of Glass 25 Points Drop a chandelier onto a goblin
Bobby Da Saviour 50 Points Take out every single goblin
Civilized 50 Points Rescure every civilian
Shooting Star 100 Points Earn all 90 stars

Medals Earned: 6/10 (50/275 points)

Brave Boy

Bandoleer Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To increase the number of cartridges
Double Somersault Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
Double somersault without touching the ground
Flash Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
Decrease the air resistance maximally
Flight Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
Fly high above the ground
Kamikaze Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
break the box with your head at a high speed
Marathoner Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To maximize stamina
Off-roader Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To improve the passability
Ram Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To hit the object at a high speed
Record Breaker Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To improve the speed maximally
Road Warrior Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
Destroy 3 enemies with one shot
Shooter Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To enhance the weapon maximally
Stunt Man Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To perform all the stunts
The Bestuniform Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To decrease power consumption maximally
Triple Somersault Unlocked 6/21/12
25 Points
To perform a triple somersault without touching the ground
My Hero Unlocked 6/21/12
100 Points
Save the girl

Medals Earned: 15/15 (450/450 points)

Bullet the Bounty Hunter

Learner Unlocked 6/21/12
5 Points
Listen to 3PO's instructions.
Assembler 50 Points Complete the Robot Factory.
Collector 50 Points Collect 1000 coins.
Explorer 50 Points Complete the Jungle.
Trecker 50 Points Complete the Tundra.
Bounty Hunter 100 Points Defeat the final boss and capture the Pirate.
Digger Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Discoverer Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Mobster Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/455 points)

Car newgrounds

level 2 Unlocked 5/18/16
5 Points
reaches Level 2.
Level 5 Unlocked 5/18/16
10 Points
reaches Level 5
Level 8 Unlocked 5/18/16
25 Points
reaches Level 8
Balance Unlocked 5/18/16
100 Points
losing balance 5 turn.
Level 10 Unlocked 5/18/16
100 Points
reaches Level 10.

Medals Earned: 5/5 (240/240 points)


Mr. Speedy Unlocked 7/21/13
10 Points
Complete a level very fast, so that more than 800 time points out of 1000 will remain
Suicidal 5 Points Fall on spikes 10 times
Portal? 10 Points Teleport 10 times
Die Hard 25 Points Complete 5 levels without dying
Go Motor! 25 Points Go Motor! Unlock the second world
The Changing Face 25 Points Change the physical state 30 times while playing the game
Get'em all 50 Points Collect all blue balls in the game
Immortal 50 Points Complete 10 levels without dying
Quantum Leap 50 Points Increase speed to a certain level while teleporting
Score Master 50 Points Get 60000 Total Score in the game

Medals Earned: 1/10 (10/300 points)